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Executive Research Process:


Position Profiling

Target List Research

Name Generation

Direct Approach

Candidate Profiling




We take work off your desk!


Would you like to spend more time interviewing qualified candidates and less time trying to find candidates for your openings?  If so, then consider the services of LORDSTONE RECRUITMENT RESEARCH. 


As experienced, professionally trained recruitment researchers, we can help create a margin of time in your schedule by managing all of the tasks associated with a 1st class search process. 


Acting as an extension of your department we can perform the following research tasks either in a comprehensive offering or in an unbundled manner:


Position Write Up - We can write an extraordinary position profile that will attract the attention of top talent.  In fact We have been told by well known search consultants that the quality of our briefings/profiles exceed anything they have ever seen.


Target List Development - We can develop a strategic target list of organizations that will most likely yield high caliber passive candidates.


Name Generation - We can perform name generation, candidate identification or develop organizational charts of the targeted companies.


Direct Sourcing  - We can directly source passive candidates, developing interest in your opportunity and screening for desired qualifications.


In-depth Candidate Profiling - We can profile a

long list of passive candidates via a in-depth telephone interviews or videoconferencing sessions.


Reference Reports - We can check references

and write reference reports for your shortlist of passive candidates. As a former retained search consultant, our President won several shootouts based upon the quality of our 360 degree reference checking process.


For more information about our recruitment research and passive candidate sourcing services, please contact or call us.




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